In this arcade game the goal is to defeat powerful bosses.

There are 8 in total as of now, the last ones only unlock above certain difficulties, they are split into tiers as shown below :

For each tier you can choose which boss you want to take on first. Currently the boss order is fixed, of course each boss should be harder than the previous one.

These bosses all have various deadly move sets, to win against them you must first learn to survive to them which means dodging their attacks most of the times. When walking isn't enough, you can use your movement spell on R or your emergency save on Mystic Guard D.

Keep in mind that all bosses in this game do what was known in Warcraft 3 as "Chaos damage" with their attacks : no matter what your character is, you will always take full damage if you get hit. The only way to mitigate damage being with specific abilities such as Shine Priest's Shine or Gaven's Fortitude [Gaven's Fortitude].

Ultimate Edit

Bosses all have an energy pool, empty at first. They all regenerate their energy through different ways as the fight goes on. Once their energy is completely refilled, they will cast their ultimate, a very powerful spell that you generally have to Mystic Guard Mystic Guard at some point. They are usually invulnerable and/or untargetable while casting their ultimate. For each boss players have a way to hinder or sometimes even completely deny their energy regeneration, rendering them unable to use ultimate, thus making fights a lot easier if players know what they are doing.

Enrage Edit

Bosses will get much more dangerous as they get closer to death. This can be illustrated by them having stronger last phases and/or applying additional pressure below certain health thresholds. This is the reason why you should be saving your huge damage burst spells, souls and scrolls to finish them rather than at the beginning of the fight.

Vulnerability Edit

Bosses have a vulnerability count, starting at x1.00. When the boss or his minions take physical or magical damage it gets multiplied by this vulnerability count. Items or souls without any damage type are considered to be pure damage and do not get multiplied by this count, i.e. : Pandemonium's Void [Pandemonium's Void], Spirit Fury [Spirit Fury]

Depending on the difficulty it may automatically increase over time :

  • Easy : this count often increase by x1.00, capping at x4.00. It resets when the boss health goes below 80%, 60%, 40% and 20%.
  • Normal : Same as easy, increases less often.
  • Hard : Doesn't increase or reset.

Some characters have spells to temporarily increase this vulnerability, the increase value and duration varies between spells.

Counter Edit

Some classes have a counter ability on F. When used correctly, they can prevent the boss from casting specific moves. Each boss has several counterable abilities and some will heavily hinder your team if not countered.

  • Dragon Knight counter being melee and having a low cooldown, he should counter easy moves with a large window such as : Root, Deluge, Lovesong, Renewal, Meteorshower, Nightmare, Wake.
  • Warlock counter being ranged and having a low cooldown he should counter other important moves with a smaller window such as : Ancient Blast, Overflow, Bewitch, Gravelings, Starcrush, Mindrot, Soulritual.
  • Ranger counter being ranged but having an extremely high cooldown he should counter other potentially deadly moves once in a while such as : Flourish, Wateraspect, Firetrap, Exile, Anomaly, Nightmare, Phantomlance.

This can change at any time if the next counter class is out of range or unable to cast spells.

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