Tank Healer DPS DPS (addclear) DPS (counter)
Dragon Knight

Cursed Knight


Sea Witch

Fire Mage

Battle Master

Ice Mage





Recommended team: 1 tank, 1 healer, 1 counter, 1 addclear, 2 any other dps.

Life: 4750 [Normal: 3750 [Hard+: 3000]].

Tanks have 1000 extra life, melee move faster, ranged (except Sea Witch 5 => 15) often do reduced basic attack damage to minions:

15 water orbs, wolves, revenants, necromancers, phantoms, heart
5 trees, elementals, imps, impleaders, shards, gravelings, supernovas, fiends, terrorfiends
0 life orbs, ice prisons, dream prisons, soulstones, dragonstones
Status \ Effect Movement Abilities Mystic Guard Unhittable
Slow %
Bind x x
Stun x x x
Silence x
Super Silence x x
Knockup x x x
Prison x x x x

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