Enchants are items with passive abilities that help boost your defences or income gold for the duration of one boss fight or until your first death. Enchants are available in the shop and they disappear after the boss fight or when you die.

The available enchants are (mouseover for description):

Name: Take note:
Fortitude [Fortitude] Very strong against bosses with continuous, trickling damage. Predominantly Rayel and Narthuul
Sage's Will [Sage's Will] Also consider Frost Essence [Frost Essence] instead.
Everliving Token [Everliving Token] You die during fight: -10g. You don't die during fight: +10g. It's a gamble.
Knight's Zeal [Knight's Zeal]
Improve Luck [Improve Luck]
Black Magic [Black Magic] Very strong for IM / Pala / Ranger on Rayel, Selia, possibly Narthuul and Ensiga
Belthazar's Rage [Belthazar's Rage]
Remington's Divinity [Remington's Divinity] The healing effect gets underestimated easily. It's not JUST a rez.

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