Ensiga, Phantom Dragon


Hit point








Human Form
Attack type

Bouncing ether

Attack damage



Low range


Walk (Blink)

Dragon Form

Invulnerable below thresholds

Attack type

Ether bomb

Attack damage





Immobile (Blink, dash)

"Your fragile minds are your greatest weakness."

You will encounter numerous phases as you drop Ensiga's health :

  • 100% : Human form.
  • 80% : Dragon form, he becomes invulnerable at 60% health as long as he remains in this form. You have to destroy the 500 health dragon stones and lead Ensiga's Havoc into each 3 of them. Timing is important as they will respawn at full life shortly after they've been destroyed. Reactive taunts from the tank will help a lot to aim Havoc.
  • 60% : Human form, he disjoints his heart from him, becoming invulnerable, you have to attack his heart to damage him. The heart will often teleport at another location. Upon dying the heart deals 10% damage to Ensiga so you have to kill it 2 times.
  • 40% : Human form, he gets his heart back and strengthen his ether magic : soul stones close to each other are now linked together, these thin links deal 2000 damage per second and apply Wither to players passing through them.
  • 20% : Dragon form, he disjoints his heart and you have to kill it 2 times again. Each time his heart gets on the verge of dying it starts to glow with ether and becomes invulnerable similarly to dragon stones, you have to lead Havoc into it to finish both kills.

This fight will continuously require all players to kill soul stones to avoid things getting out of hands. Ensiga may summon up to 4 soul stones after completing any move.

There can only be up to 16 souls stones on the arena. Souls stones deal 500 damage in a small area upon spawning. They have 75 health and Ensiga will eventually use them for various dangerous effects if you don't destroy them. With a soul stone he can :

  • Activate it to spawn 1 phantom from it.
  • Absorb it to restore his energy, killing it as long as it isn't invulnerable.
  • Hatch it with his ultimate to spawn 2 phantoms from it, always killing it in the process.

Phantoms are small homing entities like Wrath spirits, they won't disappear over time but they are killeable with any attack. They deal 250 to 400 damage to players hit depending on their amount of Frailty stacks, each stack adding 50 damage, they also apply 1 Frailty stack afterwards. If there are no remaining players alive they will gather in the middle.

To transform in his dragon form he rapidly summons 8 phantom clones at random points around him, a moment later they all dash at a random player location, each phantom dealing 750 damage and applying Frailty to players they pass through before merging together, dealing 1000 damage to players in the fusion area. Ensiga then appears shortly after in his dragon form at this location, dealing 3000 extra damage in the area.


Ether Blast

Quickly launches a fast ether orb at a player location that explodes in a large area upon impact after a brief red warning beacon. Players caught in the blast get tossed up in the air, binding them for 1 second and dealing 1000 damage. Absorbs soul stones for 6.25% energy.

Phantom Lance

After a 1.2 seconds cast time, Ensiga faces a targeted player and summons two phantom clones at a random location by both of his sides, they all 3 fire a phantom lance at the same time towards the player. In his Dragon form the phantoms can be much farther from him. Counterable

Phantom lances travel very fast in a straight line, they deal 1750 damage and fully apply Frailty to players hit. You can get hit by multiple phantom lances as long as they don't hit you at the exact same time, which is more likely to happen in his dragon form. In his human form phantom lances also activate soul stones, and in his dragon form they instead absorb them for 12.5% energy.

Worth a Mystic Guard D most of times and also worth a counter early on if you manage to react quickly enough, as it is one of the deadliest move in the game.


Ensiga instantly summons three phantom clones directly on top of random players. They all 4 immediately start to channel an ether zone around them which deals 280 damage per second to players in the area. You can get damaged by multiple ether zones at the same time. Ensiga's ether zone is much larger than his phantoms' and in his Dragon form all ether zones are much larger as well.

At the end of the channel, in human form activates all soul stones inside each ether zone, they can get activated by multiple zones at the same time, in dragon form absorbs all soul stones in the areas for 12.5% energy.

Ether Bind

Launches a slow undodgeable ether missile at a player. Upon impact deals 250 damage and binds every other player in a very large area around the targeted player to him. Binded players will get pulled towards the targeted player until they reach him, dealing 250 damage to both of them and applying Soul daze.

Soul daze is a debuff that slows by 20% for 6 seconds.

Human Form

Ensiga's basic attack in this form launches an undodgeable ether missile at his target. Upon impact the ether can bounce on players or soul stones nearby. It deals some damage to players or activates soul stones. It can bounce up to two times, hitting a maximum of 3 targets.

Ensiga will regularly teleport near a player in that form.

Soul Stone V

Summons up to 8 soul stones in random locations around the arena. If there are already enough soul stones scattered around the arena he will do a variation and instead summon all soul stones in a small circle around him.


Channels a slow moving beam at a target for 5 seconds, dealing 500 damage per second and activating soul stones every second in a small area. Counterable


Quickly launches an ether orb at a player location that detonates in an average area upon impact, dealing 250 damage and applying Wither to players hit.

Wither is a debuff that slows and superior silences for 8 seconds.


He will only cast this below 60% health. Ensiga begins to channel for 4.5 seconds, activating soul stones around him 2 times every second. A high priority spell to counter. Counterable


He will only cast this below 30% health. Ensiga begins to channel for 4.5 seconds, regenerating 25% energy per second. A high priority spell to counter.

Dragon Form

Ensiga's basic attack in this form launches a powerful ether bomb at a player which explodes in a small area, dealing damage, applying Soul daze and absorbing soul stones for 12.5% energy.


Flies in the direction of a player after a short delay, dealing lethal damage and binding for 1 second players crossing his head or dealing 750 damage, applying Soul daze and knockbacking behind him players hitting his wings. Soul stones crossing his head also get absorbed for 12.5% energy. Upon reaching the end of the arena he teleports back to his original position.

If Ensiga comes across a dragon stone on the edge of the arena after it has been destroyed by a player, indicated by the ether glow around it, he will collide with it, annihilating the dragon stone in the process and taking flight to land on a player a few seconds after, dealing 2000 damage in the landing zone and binding players hit for 1 second.

Soul Ritual

After a 1.5 seconds cast time, activates all soul stones, before summoning up to 16 soul stones. Very high priority counter at all times, he usually follows up with Stone Guard. Counterable

Stone Guard

After a 2.5 seconds cast time, renders every soul stone currently on the arena invulnerable. Ensiga can still fully interact with invulnerable soul stones, and he can now even absorb them without destroying them in the process. Obviously a very important move to counter if there are a lot of soul stones on the arena. Counterable


Ensiga takes flight to land on a player after a short delay, dealing lethal damage in the landing zone. Absorb soul stones for 25% energy.


He will only cast this below 20% health. Ensiga instantly teleports on a player and proceeds to do a full spin around the arena in an Havoc fashion. The difference with Havoc being that this move covers everything besides the middle of the arena, and is also extremely fast and impossible to anticipate for his initial target.

Ultimate : Phantom Finish

Ensiga renders all soul stones invulnerable, make all dragon stones disappear and transforms into his dragon form for the duration of the ultimate.

After a short delay, Ensiga appears at a random corner to fly through the whole arena in an Havoc fashion, instead dealing 1250 damage to players touching his wings, then takes flight to land in the center of the arena in a global ether explosion, dealing 1000 damage, binding all players for 1 second and hatching all soul stones into 2 phantoms each.

As his ultimate ends Ensiga teleports at a random location, now back in his previous form.

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