Local Sitemap

Active SoulAi's FluidityAi's Fluidity/2
Ai's Fluidity/3Alchemist SoulAlchemist Soul/2
Alchemist Soul/3Ancient SpiritArcana Potion
Arcane SoulArcane Soul/2Arcane Soul/3
Area of effectAssaultAthyris Dream Eater
Atomsk Spiral KingBattle MasterBelthazar's Rage
Belthazar Lord of FlameBlack MagicBosses
Brave SoulBrave Soul/2Brave Soul/3
Chill SoulClassesConsumable
CounterCursed KnightDivine Essence
Divine GiftDivine IlluminationDragon Knight
DryadElusive SoulElusive Soul/2
Elusive Soul/3EnchantEnsiga Phantom Dragon
Everliving TokenFire MageFortitude
Frightened SoulFrightened Soul/2Frightened Soul/3
Frost EssenceGaia's GraceGaia's Grace/2
Gaia's Grace/3Gaven's FortitudeGaven's Fortitude/2
Gaven's Fortitude/3Guardian's SoulGuardian's Soul/2
Guardian's Soul/3Health PotionIce Mage
Impossible Bosses SC IIImpossiblebosses WikiImprove Luck
Infinity EssenceItemKarma
Lord's MadnessLord's Madness/2Lord's Madness/3
LoreMagic damageMana Potion
Molten SoulMolten Soul/2Molten Soul/3
Narthuul GravelordOmegaPandemonium's Void
Pandemonium's Void/2Pandemonium's Void/3Passive Soul
Phoenix EssencePhysical damagePotion
PriestProphet's ForesightProphet's Foresight/2
Prophet's Foresight/3Radiant SoulRadiant Soul/2
Radiant Soul/3RangerRayel Hellfire Succubus
Reckless SoulReckless Soul/2Reckless Soul/3
Remington's DivinityReplenishResourceful Soul
Resourceful Soul/2Resourceful Soul/3Rogue's Soul
Rogue's Soul/2Rogue's Soul/3Sage's Will
Saint's SoulSaint's Soul/2Saint's Soul/3
SandboxScrollSea Witch
Selia's WillSelia's Will/2Selia's Will/3
Sinner's SoulSinner's Soul/2Sinner's Soul/3
SoulSpirit FuryTrue damage
UltimaUndying EssenceVale Lord of the Depths
Varenel's ShadowVarenel's Shadow/2Varenel's Shadow/3
WarlockWise SoulWise Soul/2
Wise Soul/3Zephire's InstabilityZephire's Instability/2
Zephire's Instability/3

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