-Narthuul is Remington reincarnated (source: Psyris), you can see the similarities between Judgement/Exile, Heal VI/Renewal, Gates to Paradise/Nethertrap, Righteous Thunder/Rend, Enlightenment/Blight, and of course, the resurrections.

-Belthazar, Ancient and Selia reappear from the first game with completely new fights, but of course many of their moves and mechanics are reminiscent of their previous ones.

- Some items and souls are named after the bosses from the first Impossible Bosses on Warcraft 3 :

  • Belthazar's Rage (Fire 1st boss)
  • Ai's Fluidity (Water 2nd boss)
  • Gaven's Fortitude (Earth 3th boss)
  • Zephire's Instability (Lightning 4th boss)
  • Gaia's Grace (Nature 5th boss)
  • Remington's Divinity (Light 6th boss)
  • Selia's Will (Ice 7th boss)
  • Varenel's Shadow (Shadow 8th boss)
  • Spirit Fury (Ancient 9th boss)
  • Pandemonium's Void (Demonic 10th boss)

Credits :

Game credits

Game Credits

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