Fun facts :

- Some items and souls are named after the bosses from the first Impossible Bosses on Warcraft 3 :

  • Belthazar's Rage (Fire 1st boss)
  • Ai's Fluidity (Water 2nd boss)
  • Gaven's Fortitude (Earth 3th boss)
  • Zephire's Instability (Lightning 4th boss)
  • Gaia's Grace (Nature 5th boss)
  • Remington's Divinity (Light 6th boss)
  • Selia's Will (Ice 7th boss)
  • Varenel's Shadow (Shadow 8th boss)
  • Spirit Fury (Ancient 9th boss)
  • Pandemonium's Void (Demonic 10th boss)

- Belthazar and Ancient Spirit were bosses from the first game and reappear in this game with completely new fights, but of course some of their moves are still reminiscent of their previous ones.

Credits :

Game credits

Game Credits

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