Narthuul, Gravelord
Hit point

Easy: 8400
Normal: 9600
Hard+: 13200




Any difficulty


2 [Hard+: 3]

Attack type

Melee vertical slash

Attack damage



Walk (Teleport)

Attack type


Attack damage



Immobile (Teleport)


  1. Sword 100% to 0%: gains 1% energy/second.
  2. Staff 100% to 0%: gains 1.66% energy/second, teleport, instead of soulchains directly chains random heroes but they don't pull except for DOOM.
  3. [Hard+: Sword+Staff 50% to 0%: gains 4% energy/second, swaps weapons often and can use all moves.]

Gravelings often spawn by 4 near a hero, they have 30 life, deal 150 melee damage and get devoured by Narthuul after 6 seconds for 9% energy.

Soulchains often spawn at a random spot near him, they heal Narthuul for 0.5% life/second and 2% energy/second. A hero not already chained can break the regeneration by moving into the spot, however this will chain him to Narthuul until the next ultimate. Chains deal 25 damage/second and pull you back if you get too far from the boss. Chains disappear after Narthuul deaths.

Decay deals 800 damage over 8 seconds.



Marks the ground progressively outwards randomly and below each hero that explode for 1250 damage + Decay each.


Counter (1.5s cast)

Summon 12 gravelings near heroes, devoured after 3 seconds.


Counter (8s channel)

Heals 30% life and 20% energy over the duration, deals 350 damage/second to chained heroes. Requires at least one chained hero.


Basic attack is a vertical slash for 750 damage and interrupt. [Hard+: leaves blight]


Counter (1s cast)

Traces 6 lines of blight from Narthuul. Blight lasts 5 seconds and deals 400 damage/second.


Conjures a large soul circle with pestilence in its center around Narthuul or a hero for 8 seconds, it slowly moves, the soul circle deals 250 damage/second and heavy slow.


Throws his spinning sword towards a hero for 3.5s that deals 1100 damage/second and slows. The sword redirects towards a hero after 2s or any wall impact.


3rd phase only counter (.75s cast)

Teleports behind a hero to execute a giant vertical sword slash for 3000 damage, interrupt and brief slow. [Hard+: leaves blight]


Basic attack shoots a pestilence. Pestilences last until ultimate, deal 275 damage/second and stop after 1 second or on walls.


Shoot an arc of 5 pestilences.


Counter (.75s cast)

Marks 5 random spots each releasing 5 death bolts that deal 1500 damage/second + Decay.


Counter (1.25s cast)

Conjures three necromancers around a hero, after a delay all three crash towards him for 125 + brief heavy slow on their way into a large netherbeast for 5 seconds, it slowly moves and pulses every second for 1500 damage and knockback.


Counter (0.75s cast)

Summon a 150 life necromancer that crashes into a hero to fully heal himself, deal 750 damage + Decay and knockback. Takes 4 seconds to recharge between attacks.


Counter (2s cast)

Stands or teleports near a hero and locks onto him before slamming a large area in front for 2000 damage, 9 seconds slow and chaining heroes hit to him.


  1. Stands or teleports for a favorable spot, absorbs all pestilences, chained heroes get pulled then unchained and lose 500 max life permanently for this fight stacking up to 4 times.
  2. Executes a giant circular slash with his sword for 4000 damage and heavy knockback. Covers only 270° the dead angle is on his back-left side, from where he starts swinging.
  3. Raises his staff, zaps heroes for 250 damage + Decay and 1 second knockup. Releases stored pestilences in circles from him, those do more damage and dont stop until they disappear on walls.

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