Rayel, Hellfire Succubus





Any difficulty



Hit point

Easy : 12600
Normal : 14400
Hard+ : 19800

Attack type

Large heart missile

Attack damage





(1st phase blink / 3rd phase dash)

Galthaus, Charmed Demon
Hit point

Easy : 8400
Normal : 9600
Hard+ : 13200

Attack type

Fiery punches

Attack damage





Walk (blink and dash)

"Your only hope is that you'll all burn together!"

This fight has 3 phases, in the first one you fight Rayel, when she drops below 50% health you go to the second phase where you fight the demon Galthaus she summoned, and in the third phase you finish her but she has absorbed Galthaus soul is now a bit stronger.

Rayel's basic attack launches a large heart missile at a player. It pierces through players, dealing damage and restoring 5% of Rayel's energy per entranced player hit.

Galthaus' basic attack is a spammable quick punch imbued with fire that deals damage in a small area to players in front of him.

Imps will periodically spawn from the lava around the map during the whole fight, they have 30 health and their melee attack deals 100 [Medium+ : 150] damage. When their energy is full they use it to pounce on a player, or to jump into the arena if they have just spawned in the lava.

Imps get more aggressive towards Seducted players and apply Love daze upon hitting them.

Love Daze is a debuff that slows for a few seconds.

During this fight you may find some moves very weak, but you also have to keep in mind an essential mechanic, the Seduction debuff. It is applied by love spells and can be stacked up to 3 times:

  • Hearts apply 1 stack.
  • Black hearts directly apply 3 stacks.
  • Entrance and Heartless apply 3 stacks over 1.5 seconds.
  • Love Inferno hearts directly apply 3 stacks.

The amount of stacks is indicated by a little floating heart above your character. Its color is pinky red, darker red or black depending on the amount of stacks.

Once a Seduction debuff reaches 3 stacks, everything suddenly becomes way more dangerous as you are considered Entranced, a state that has the following effects :

  • You take 250% damage !
  • Whenever an imp hits you Rayel regenerates 2.5% energy.
  • [Hard+: Rayel's basic attack on you is now an unavoidable tracking large piercing black heart. This one will not regenerate Rayel's energy upon hitting the targeted player but will however apply Love daze and emit 3 black heart missiles from the player.]

This debuff slowly wears out over time, one stack at a time.



Emits a barrage of random heart missiles from Rayel, moving slowly at first before accelerating at a certain radius. They deal 100 damage.


Rayel targets a player away from her and summons a spinning ring of black hearts at his location, which starts dealing 200 damage per second and expanding after a short delay, before exploding in 8 large black heart missiles that deal 500 damage to entranced targets.


Rayel starts channeling for 5 seconds, continuously damaging all Seducted players for 80 damage per second, and additionally applying 1 stack of Seduction per second to up to 4 random players. Counterable

If she finishes her channel 3 black heart missiles are emitted from each Seducted player.

Demon portal

Rayel quickly teleports at another location in the arena. She will not cast this on her improved form.


Rayel starts dancing and moving towards players close to her for 8 seconds. During that time, a love area around her continuously deals 250 damage per second and she additionally restores 10% of her energy per second for each player hit.

Molten Rush

Summons a flame imp missile that moves forward until he reaches the end of the arena, leaving a trail of flames behind him.

Flames deal 160 damage per second.

Fire Trap

Used by both Rayel and her demon, summons about 10 fire charges in random spots in the Arena. You have a second to reposition yourself before they can trigger. If a player steps on one, the trap explodes in a small area, knockbacking, dealing 325 damage and applying the Burn debuff which slightly slows and deals 240 damage over 6 seconds. These traps all slowly move towards their center of gravity. Doesn't last very long.

The knockback of these traps can get yourself comboed to death very quickly, especially while Entranced, as you can trigger multiple traps in a row. Particularly deadly if she happens to cast her ultimate at the same time. Don't panic and quickly reposition yourself to avoid them or at worse to avoid triggering a deadly chain reaction.

Galthaus, Charmed Demon

Rayel stands invulnerable outside the arena during that phase. She can still temporarily swap her place with Galthaus to cast Entrance and Love Inferno, while still remaining invulnerable. She will periodically zap a random spot in the arena, emitting 5 to 8 heart missiles that travel in a sharp angle.

[Hard+: While Galthaus is alive, Rayel will occasionally apply 1 unavoidable stack of Seduce to a random player, which can be taunted.]

Molten Rush

The demon dashes through the whole arena, then reappears facing the other way to finish his dash. Leaves a trail of flame.


After a short delay, Galthaus melts the ground in front of him, dealing high damage over 1 second in a small area. Additionally emits molten missiles which burn the ground in random areas around the boss for a few seconds, dealing 160 damage per second.

Demon call

After a 2 second cast time, summons a very high number of imps from every side of the arena. Counterable


Forms a circle of fire around the demon, dealing 200 damage per second to players close to him, before releasing the 10 flames outwards, dealing the same amount of damage to players in their way. The circle of fire radius is high enough so that you can avoid the damage if you get very close to Galthaus. Counterable


Quickly disappears of the battlefield for 2 seconds, before reappearing on a player.

Fire Trap

Same as Rayel's version.

Improved moves

Rayel will no longer teleport with her Demon portal, however she may now do an extra dance after she finishes casting spells or doing a basic attack : she dashes to another location and leaves a trail of flame on her way. She can bounce off the edges of the arena and may change direction midway.

Normal+ : Imp leaders will now spawn in the lava. They only have 50 health, however they will not jump into the arena, making it impossible for melee players to kill them. Ranged players have to locate them and kill them as soon as possible, otherwise they keep summoning imps at a very high rate. There can even be 3 of them at the same time, so don't ignore them.

[Hard+: Imp leaders are summoned much more frequently.]


She may cast this spell on her first phase, however she casts it much more frequently on her third phase.

After a 2 second cast time, emits a large amount of black heart missiles in a spinning fashion around Rayel for about 3 seconds. They move slowly at first before accelerating at a certain radius. They deal 500 damage to entranced targets.

To dodge this spell get some distance from Rayel and find a safe spot in between 2 lines of hearts, then wait until the 3 circles of black hearts pass. You don't even have to move as these circles will keep the exact same pattern.


A rare deadly move that she can only use if there are a lot of imps of the battlefield.

She attracts all imps to her, then transforms them into invulnerable large flame imp kamikazes, who crash into other players for 750 damage each.

Ultimate : Love Inferno

Rayel summons an inner ring of hearts and an outer circle of fireballs, then starts moving along with her circles. You have to stay in between to survive. The hearts deal 375 damage to entranced players and will heavily knockback them into the circle of flames. The circle of fireballs deals 250 damage per second. If you are not entranced keep in mind hearts are a much bigger threat than flames.

After about 8 seconds the hearts disappear and the flames explode towards Rayel, dealing 500 extra damage and leaving a circle of fire that damages and slows players standing in it, press D or dash to the now safe middle to dodge. Rayel or Galthaus will reappear close to the center of the ring.

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