Vale, Lord of the Depths





Any difficulty

Hit point

Easy : 14000
Normal : 16000
Hard+ : 22000

Attack type

Power punch

Attack damage

300 [Hard+ : 500]



Attack type

Water spray

Attack damage

375 [Hard+ : 500]


Arena wide


Immobile (blink and dash)


In this fight Vale will primarily attempt to slam you into walls with many knockbacking abilities. If you get slammed into a wall you take 1000 damage, get stunned for 1.5 seconds and gain a short immunity to knockback, otherwise you just get slowed for 50% for 3 seconds.

While you are knockbacked you can't do anything but cast instant spells, like D.

Vale has two basic attacks depending on how far his target is to him. His melee attack is a quick enhanced punch that damages and heavily knockbacks players in front of him. His ranged attack throws a water spray at his target, doing some damage over half a second in a small area. You can completely dodge it by simply moving as long as you're not slowed.

A pack of 6 slow moving water orbs will periodically appear close to the boss and attempt to fuse with him to regenerate his energy. They regenerate 4% [Hard+ : 8%] energy each. They are killeable by any attack.

When he drops below 60% health he will also periodically summon 3 tornadoes at a random location. They have 75 health and just harmlessly move at first, but if you let them live long enough (indicated by the timer below their life bar) they become invulnerable and start dashing towards a player, catching all players in their way until they crash into a wall. These tornadoes all die on their own if the boss happens to be casting his ultimate.

Below 30% health he will no longer summon tornadoes. Instead he will progressively fill the arena with permanent Vortexes, covering all borders of the arena if you give him enough time. Vortexes deal 350 damage per second in a large area. A deadly addition combined with his knockbacking abilities. Finish him as soon as possible.



After a short delay, Vale launches many small bouncing projectiles on the ground in a semicircle in front of him. These projectiles bounce 2 times, impacting the ground 3 times each at different locations. On impact stuns and deal 1200 damage in a small area.


Vale begins channeling for 10 seconds, during this time he continuously assault players with a barrage of water projectiles. Their landing zone is targeted at players while still being a bit chaotic, making it a very hard move to dodge because of their high number and erratic movement. The snowballing damage also makes it a very high priority skill to be interrupted : the initial hit on a player deals 250 damage, successive hits on this same player deal 50 more damage than the previous one, capping at 500 damage. [Normal+ : missiles apply a slow on hit] Counterable

Water Aspect

After a 2 second cast time, Vale instantly morphs into an invulnerable water wave and starts moving at the closest player location, dealing 1000 damage to players in his path and 2000 extra damage in a small area upon arrival. He moves to a second player location after the first impact, after which he then moves at a faster speed to a final third player location. He may target the same player multiple times only if there are not enough players alive left, or if remaining players are too far away from him. Counterable


After a short delay, summons a whirlpool at a player location, briefly indicated by a small red circle. Whirlpools last a long time, deal 440 damage per second, slow by 50% and silence players standing into them. They also release 9 water missiles on death which deal 500 damage and slow on hit. Note that this slow is unique and thus will stack multiplicatively with the usual slow from that you get from knockbacks or water missiles, slowing you by 75% in total!


The boss instantly submerges, leaving a whirlpool at his last location. Mist start to appear a at point, 2 seconds later he emerges at this point, knockbacking players too close to him. He may immediately cast another spell as soon as he reappears.

The name of this move doesn't appear when he casts it.


Vale emits a powerful water beam in front of him for 4 seconds. Vale may slightly rotate the beam over the duration. Players caught in it get continuously hit for 200 damage per second and knockbacked. If you attempt to dash through the beam you will get interrupted midway and caught in it.


The boss quickly starts spinning and dashing forwards for 2 seconds, knockbacking and dealing 500 damage to players in its path. He bounces on walls during this. Can hit the same players multiple times.

Twister V

Faster variation of Twister.


The boss starts channeling, restoring 60% of his maximum energy over 3 seconds. Counterable

Tidal Wave

A rare ominous move. Sends a global shockwave that deals 350 damage and slows all players, then spawn several tidal waves from a corner close to a player. These slowly move throughout the whole area, catching players in their wake until they crash into walls, slamming players caught into them and dealing an extra 500 damage. You have to go in-between them, which becomes possible only after they have spread, once they traveled about half the arena.

Ultimate : Whirlend

Vale starts spinning extremely fast, catching players too close to him before launching high up in the air, he lands back shortly after at another location.

Upon landing he releases players previously caught before heavily knockbacking players in a large area around him (those closer to him get knockbacked more heavily) as well as emitting a spinning circle of water missiles which expands through the whole area. These missiles slow and deal 500 damage on hit.

He repeats this whole sequence 3 times in a row.

You can roughly tell where he is going to land by looking at his acceleration when he jumps. He will always move by the same fixed distance, meaning that if he just landed right on top of you, his next jump can't directly hit you again if you managed to keep your position.

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